Kapil Sharma show dropped due to Sunil Grover’s Super Night With Tubelight

Kapil Sharma show dropped due to Sunil Grover’s Super Night With Tubelight
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Sunil Grover’s Super Night With Tubelight

The two-hour special episode starring the ex-members of Kapil’s show — Sunil Grover, Chandan Prabhakar, Ali Asgar, Sugandha Mishra and Sanket Bhosale — will be aired on Sony Entertainment channel at two slots on Sunday, at 12 pm, and at 9 pm.This means that this weekend Kapil will get only Saturday to make people laugh and work towards getting back to his original position on the TRP charts.

Just when The Kapil Sharma Show was getting back on track after its TRPs went for a toss, Super Night With Tubelight happened. And when you have to choose between Kapil Sharma and Salman Khan — with Sunil Grover in it too, the answer is obvious. The channel Sony too made a choice and clearly, it was Salman, Sunil and his gang who topped their list of priority. Probably this is why they decided to give Kapil Sharma’s show a miss to make way for Salman’s Super Night With Tubelight.

Going by the several teasers that have been released by the channel on its official Twitter and Facebook handles, the special episode looks no less than a blockbuster. Sunil Grover as Doctor Mashoor Gulati and Amitabh Bachchan, Ali Asgar as a nurse and Sugandha Mishra in several characters made Salman laugh until he had tears in his eyes. Not only the comedians but Salman and Sohail’s one-liners on the show promise to leave the viewers in splits. Talking about it Ali Asgar told, “More than Salman Bhai you will be surprised to see Sohail Khan’s comic timing. He can just come up with the best one-liners instantly.”