Boney Kapoor talks ‘fateful’ night of Sridevi’s death

Boney Kapoor talks ‘fateful’ night of Sridevi’s death
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Boney + Sridevi

Film producer and late Sridevi’s husband Boney Kapooro pened up about the death of his ‘Jaan’ last week, to his close friend.

Boney recounted the “detailed account of what exactly transpired on the fateful evening of February 24”. The couple was in UAE for their nephew Mohit Marwah’s wedding at the time of the incident.

After the nuptials, Boney had left for Mumbai while Sridevi stayed back in the hotel. Boney, however, decided to suprise his wife, and booked a ticket back to Dubai. “On 24th morning, I spoke to her, when she told me, ‘Papa (that’s how she addressed Boney), I’m missing you.’ I also told her that I was missing her a lot. But I didn’t tell her that I would be joining her in Dubai in the evening,” the producer allegedly recalled.

“Janhvi (their elder daughter) had seconded my idea of going to Dubai because she was scared, her mom, not used to being alone, would misplace her passport or some important document if she was alone,”. He also recounted that there had been only two occasions in the last 24 years when the couple had not travelled together abroad.

 “Although I didn’t accompany her on those two trips, I made sure that my friend’s wife was with her on both the occasions. The Dubai stay was the first time Sridevi was alone for two days – 22 and 23 February – in a foreign land,” Sridevi got emotional after Boney surprised her and they “hugged, kissed and chatted for almost half an hour”.
It was after this, that Boney asked her for dinner and Sridevi went to bathe and get ready. Thereafter, Boney watched cricket on the television for around 15-20 minutes “but was beginning to get restless because he was aware that being a Saturday, there would be a rush in the restaurants. It was around 8 p.m. then”. Boney, became impatient and called her from the living room. He rushed to the bathroom when she didn’t respond. After calling out to her twice, Boney lowered the volume of the TV set. However, there was still no reply from the bathroom following which he walked to the bedroom and knocked at the bathroom door. He then panicked and opened the door which had not been bolted from inside.
An autopsy report released by the Dubai Forensic Department said that Sridevi died to ‘accidental drowning’ in her bathtub and did not suffer a cardiac arrest. Traces of alcohol were also found in her blood.
Sridevi cremated with state honours