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CJ So Cool

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Who is CJ So Cool?

Known popularly for his quick and hilarious reactions to YouTube videos and for his pranks, CJ has a phenomenal 1.8 million subscriptions on his YouTube account called ‘CJ so Cool.’ He is one YouTuber who does not hold back on his comments! He has a younger brother ‘Jinx’, also a YouTuber, who has helped him shape his career and better the quality of his videos. He is currently residing at Los Angles.  This 27-year-old star has found himself amidst quite a few controversies ranging from his account getting hacked to him being accused of being insensitive towards his step-children. He has also been accused of stealing videos. However, he still manages to have a large fan following not just on YouTube but on other social media sites too. He has 218K followers on Instagram and on Twitter he has 48.3 K followers.

Is CJ So Cool single? Does he have girlfriend? or married?

He is married to Royalty and has three step-kids.


On February 20, 2016, CJ announced on his twitter that his YouTube was hacked. He later wrote on his channel description “My Page Was Hacked And They Deleted Everything Now I Must Start From The Bottom Again”.


In 2015, CJ was hit with a lot of criticism from other You Tubers for stealing the videos he was reacting to; however, he received much less criticism than his brother, Jinx.

Quick Facts:

CJ So Cool net worth


CJ So Cool weight

76 kg

CJ So Cool height

6 feet, 1.82 m

CJ So Cool full name

Cordero James Brady

CJ So Cool age

27 Years

CJ So Cool date of birth

29 March 1989 AD

CJ So Cool birth country

Gary, Indiana, US

CJ So Cool ethnicity


CJ So Cool nationality


Is CJ So Cool gay?


CJ So Cool school/college


CJ So Cool spouse/wife


CJ So Cool girlfriend/affairs/dating


CJ So Cool children/kids

3 children (step)

CJ So Cool father


CJ So Cool mother


CJ So Cool sister


CJ So Cool brother

Anthony Brady (Jinx)

CJ So Cool job

You tuber

CJ So Cool style

Reactions, Skits and Vlogging

CJ So Cool website

Youtube channel




CJ So Cool trivia /facts

  • CJ loves shoes and has an extensive shoe collection.
  • CJ has 7 tears in his back muscles, for which he is required to smoke medical cannabis (marijuana)
  • CJ’s fans and subscribers are refered to as “Wolfpack” and “Cool Kids”.

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